Steeleye Span

Cover Story: (4) Long Lankin - Steeleye Span or Wainwright Sisters

May 2022 update: on Saturday May 21, I was among 46,000 Sunderland supporters who witnessed a rather important win at Wembley (there were also 26,000 people there who did not support Sunderland and even that left lots of empty seats... Read more →

Loft vinyl: (8) which LPs to pack for France. McGarrigles, June Tabor and Nanci Griffith in, Cream and Chopin out

SEE THE FULL LOFT VINYL SERIES at The loss of a cat freed up a lot of space in the car for the grand return to France. With Monette to transport, room had to be found for her cage,... Read more →

Cover Story: (65) Rag Doll. Four Seasons or Steeleye Span

CLICK ANYWHERE ON THIS PARAGRAPH TO EXPLORE THE FULL COVER STORY SERIES - COMPARING DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAME SONGS AND SOMETIMES TUNES In my relentless drive to update all sorts of archived files at Salut! Live, I risk losing... Read more →

Cover Story: (63) Hard Times of Old England. Steeleye Span, the Coppers, Chumbawamba, Band of Hope or Billy Bragg and Imagined Village

We could get very, very political about this one. Indeed, some versions of Hard Times of Old England do just that, replacing tales of woes afflicting the working class of the 18th century with waspish commentary on modern deprivation and... Read more →