Steeleye Span

From Fotheringay to Fairport: remembering drummer Gerry Conway

We mentioned on our Facebook group the death of Gerry Conway, best remembered as the drummer of the later-period Fairport Convention, and of course we should pay our respects here as well. Andrew Curry remembers a fine musician …. (Source:... Read more →

After the Fairport Convention love-in, Steeleye glories recalled in a real find

No apologies for all the attention paid to Fairport Convention by Salut! Live these past few days, says Colin Randall. The last but one gig in a 30-date tour, at the Union Chapel in north London, has rightly been acclaimed... Read more →

Cover Story (73): January Man

Dave Goulder’s January Man has been covered by enough artists to be considered a modern folk classic. But which version is best? We’re calling this for Christy Moore, but you might disagree. Read more →

Bob Johnson RIP. A vital Steeleye Span ingredient

In most discussion of Steeleye Span, Bob Johnson could be overlooked or at least overshadowed. Steeleye was/is Maddy Prior, Maddy is/was Steeleye. isn't that the case? Look more closely and you see how important others were in the band’s great... Read more →

Cover Story: (65) Rag Doll. Four Seasons or Steeleye Span

Dec 2023 update I wish to record my sadness at the passing yesterday (Dec 15) of Bob Johnson, such a great fixture of Steeleye Span for most of the band's distinguished career. Excellent guitarist and a pivotal inspiration for some... Read more →

Cover Story: (4) Long Lankin - Steeleye Span or Wainwright Sisters

May 2022 update: on Saturday May 21, I was among 46,000 Sunderland supporters who witnessed a rather important win at Wembley (there were also 26,000 people there who did not support Sunderland and even that left lots of empty seats... Read more →