Simon Nicol

From Fotheringay to Fairport: remembering drummer Gerry Conway

We mentioned on our Facebook group the death of Gerry Conway, best remembered as the drummer of the later-period Fairport Convention, and of course we should pay our respects here as well. Andrew Curry remembers a fine musician …. (Source:... Read more →

Fairport Convention at Union Chapel. Still holding back the years

Colin Randall's review of Fairport Convention's concert at the Union Chapel in London has already appeared at Substack. This is an extended version. Thanks to the many members of Fairport-related Facebook groups who have followed links to Salut! Live ...... Read more →

'Hearty disagreements' but no Everly or Gallagher-style strops: Simon Nicol on Fairport Convention's enduring appeal and camaraderie

Sunday update : it was an enjoyable concert in one of London’s nicest venues. A big shoutout for the support duo, Plumhall. ( Update: my review appears here As I write, there are still tickets left for the final date... Read more →