Sandy Denny

Tales from the 1960s: Joe Boyd, John Wood, and listening to Sgt. Pepper in a cloakroom with Sandy Denny

Andrew Curry writes: One of the features of the Magpie Arc indoor folk festival festival in both of its incarnations has been an extended interview by Matthew Bannister of Folk on Foot with luminaries of folk music. Last year it... Read more →

Who Knows Where the Time Goes - or where it went? Celebrating Sandy Denny's birthday

January 6 2024: had she lived, Sandy Denny would today have been celebrating her 77th birthday, writes Colin Randall. It feels appropriate to mark her birthday once again. I have also posted an article at my new Substack pages. Don't... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Fairport Convention ... Crazy Man Michael

Another quick update, Oct 2023: Dave Swarbrick's widow Jill has firmly and correctly reminded me that the gorgeous music that so perfectly suits Richard Thompson's words for this song was composed by the mighty Swarb. Read her comment below, reproduced... Read more →

Sandy Denny by Carla Fuchs and Sandy's daughter. (2) creating a remarkable project

We first met Carla Fuchs on the pages of Salut! Live when she described the discovery and enjoyment of the music of the late Sandy Denny, arguably the most inspired female singer-songwriter Britain has produced. That article can be found... Read more →