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The Unthanks: cast sorrows away and relish an outstanding musical triumph

It is hard to think that it was as long ago as 2009 that I sat in front of my laptop in Abu Dhabi - where I was then working - and sent Rachel Unthank a stream of questions which... Read more →

Sorrow and solidarity in the coalfield, with Bob Fox, Benny Graham, Jez Lowe and Billy Mitchell

Jagged forks of lightning tore across the sky above Marseille as I began a two-hour drive home from the airport, listening to the opening tracks of Bare Knuckle, a copy of which had been waiting for me on a fleeting... Read more →

His way: 65 years after Diana, Paul Anka charms the French Riviera

Salut! Live is essentially a folk music site. Every so often it veers off in other directions ... On stage at the open-air Pinede arena in the French Riviera resort of Juan-Les-Pins, Paul Anka cruised with impressive professionalism and style... Read more →

Geordie girls, Mackem lads (and lasses). When the Unthanks and Sunderland came to town

Rachel and Becky Unthank are Geordies, loyal to Newcastle but with family ties to Middlesbrough. Salut! Live is edited by me, a Sunderland supporter, and by happy coincidence most contributors share my allegiance so were chuffed to bits by events... Read more →

Imany wows Sainte-Maxime, which promptly goes out and votes Le Pen. Expliquez-vous Sainte-Maxime!

Politics invade this site from time to time. I am writing from France which has again resisted the best efforts of the extreme right to take power. It got closer than ever this time - Emmanuel Macron's comfortable 17-point majority... Read more →