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From Silver Spring to Shrewsbury and a belated introduction to Gigspanner

Shrewsbury sends a headbanging Tory MP to Westminster, fell headlong for the prejudice and lies of Brexit and has a susceptibility to flooding. But it's also a pleasant, attractive Shropshire market town and, for the past 17 years (26 if... Read more →

Class acts and (rather more than) schoolgirl French

August 2023: on a whim, I felt impelled to repost this item from 2009. Scroll down for two great listens. A friendly subsequent exchange on what we used to call Twitter enables me to right a 14-year-old wrong concerning Ruth... Read more →

Martin Simpson: guitar-playing genius and possibly 'Britain’s finest 21st century folk song’

Andrew Curry is a regular, valued contributor to the pages of Salut! Live, frequently suggesting - among other ideas - gigs or festivals he might review. And whatever he had done to convince himself he deserved a special treat, another... Read more →

'Can I please be Linda Thompson?' Rachel Unthank's dream

What a heroine and what a tribute. Moonlighting from her band, Rachel Unthank joined another North-eastern artist, Paul Smith, for a short tour, which our Andrew Curry caught at the Bush Theatre in London. The heroine? Linda Thompson, once famously... Read more →

Elephants in the room. Leon Rosselson’s life of song and protest

Here's one for the media studies class. How do you get a complimentary piece about a radical leftwing enemy of the capitalist system into a newspaper nicknamed the house journal of the Conservative party? Do you damn with faint praise,... Read more →