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Heroic adventures in English music. Banter's new album reviewed

Colin Randall delights in a new album from Simon Care’s band, Banter. The 2021 Sidmouth festival. Photo: Kyle Baker Along with all the admiration and affection expressed here for Irish music, amply merited, Salut! Live tries not to lose sight... Read more →

Fairport Convention at Union Chapel. Still holding back the years

Colin Randall's review of Fairport Convention's concert at the Union Chapel in London has already appeared at Substack. This is an extended version. Thanks to the many members of Fairport-related Facebook groups who have followed links to Salut! Live ...... Read more →

Les Cousins: the story of a historic folk dive packed into three CDs

Join the Salut! Live Facebook group. Visit this link now Colin Randall writes: We’ve had a fair bit of nostalgia here about the Soho folk haunt Les Cousins so I posted my own thoughts at my new Substack pages, which... Read more →