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Geordie girls, Mackem lads (and lasses). When the Unthanks and Sunderland came to town

Rachel and Becky Unthank are Geordies, loyal to Newcastle but with family ties to Middlesbrough. Salut! Live is edited by me, a Sunderland supporter, and by happy coincidence most contributors share my allegiance so were chuffed to bits by events... Read more →

Imany wows Sainte-Maxime, which promptly goes out and votes Le Pen. Expliquez-vous Sainte-Maxime!

Politics invade this site from time to time. I am writing from France which has again resisted the best efforts of the extreme right to take power. It got closer than ever this time - Emmanuel Macron's comfortable 17-point majority... Read more →

The morning after Burns night: memories of Eddi Reader with Boo, bawdiness and romance

Jan 2022: better late than never. Had I thought of it sooner, there might have been a post yesterday to commemorate the birth of Robert Burns on Jan 25 1759. But then, Wikipedia helpfully states that Burns celebrations may be... Read more →

Words from Christy Moore as the Clock Winds Down to climate change disaster

The thoughts of Christy Moore are invariably worth a look or a listen. Those he has shared with me are no exception. A man I have known for more than half a century will be fully aware of the limited... Read more →

Barbara Dickson's cure for lockdown blues: Time is Going Faster reviewed

Photo credit: Brian Aris When the week began, I planned to post my review of Barbara Dickson's new album, Time is Going Faster, at about the same time as the two-part interview. Tragic events in France got in the way... Read more →

The ultimate Cover Story: (45) Kate Rusby's hand-me-downs

Kate and band on home ground, Barnsley 2018. Image: Jonas Soderstrom I was not sure whether to make this the 45th instalment of Salut! Live's Cover Story series comparing and contrasting different versions of the same pieces of music. I... Read more →