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Win tickets for Fairport at Cropredy

The Guinness was flowing in a Belfast bar, and the arts editor of a British national broadsheet - we had broadsheets then, though an Ulster pal of mine had already begun to call them broadloids - demanded to know who or what I, as the Telegraph's folk critic, thought was at the cutting edge of the music.

Fairport1lPicture: Folk Music Images

Since he had already told me that he considered me far too old for the role, and that the DT should be looking around for a yoof replacement, my reply might have been calculated to humour him. "Fairport Convention," I said.

But it wasn't a wind-up, at least not on my part. I believed then, and believe still, that no one has produced more inspired, exciting folk-rock than Fairport. By which, of course, I mean early Fairport, the band as it was when twice fronted by the incomparable Sandy Denny.

This is not to say that I dismiss what the band has done without her. In fact, I have remained a firm admirer and will shortly be posting here an interview conducted with Simon Nicol on 40 years of Fairport. But the simple truth, so far as I am concerned, is that Fairport of the era- eras - to which I refer reached extraordinary heights of artistic achievement and sheer entertainment value that will always be hard to emulate.

So I now propose to offer two free tickets for the annual Fairport festival at Cropredy, an English Civil War battlefield site near Banbury from Aug 9-11. The Friday night (Aug 10) promises, in particular, to be special, as it will be given over to a reproduction of the trailblazing Liege and Lief album by almost the original band (Chris While taking poor Sandy's place as lead vocalist).

I have set an offbeat Fairport-related question which you will on the continuation page but the answer to which, I think you will NOT find on Google. Answers should be sent not as comments on this posting but by e-mail , here or by using the e-mail link at the top of this page.

The winner will be drawn from correct answers received by June 30.

Read on for the question........

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Compete at Salut!

When I run competitions at Salut! or Salut! Sunderland, I have to worry about persuading publishers to part with books as prizes to be offered by what they may well consider to be a tinpot little blog.

Here at Salut! Live, I can be bolder, since I have lost count of the number of times I have been sent a copy of the same CD by not only the artist's record company but also the agent or publicist.

I will therefore pull together a quite arbitrary selection of three CDs and promise, here and now, to award them to the reader of this site who comes up with the best suggestion for what Salut! Live should aim to do/cover if it has any raison d'être beyond just another hobby for me.

No need at this stage to provide an address. But this is the posting where contributions should be made, as comments. If I get several, and they are incisive or interesting or funny enough, I may well award second and third prizes of two CDs and one. And if I get none at all, I may or may not take the hint.

Oh, and if you like Box Fox, he's the subject of an interview - admittedly football-inspired but with a lot of background to his development as an absolute star of English folk - over at Salut! Sunderland.