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Bert Jansch: thoughts on a departed giant of acoustic music

July 2022: no pressing reason to update what I wrote in 2011. No looming anniversary I'm aware of, no hitherto unknown detail. It's just that every so often, I think about Bert Jansch, the exceptional music he made and the... Read more →

Doreen Henderson RIP: the sad loss of a fixture of the the Elliotts of Birtley

It was impossible to grow up in the North East of England, love folk music and not know of the immense role of the Elliotts of Birtley in performing, nurturing and spreading that musical form. To my immense regret, I... Read more →

Norma Waterson: a distinctive voice of English folk

Back in the 1960s, British music was awash with groups of fashionable-looking young people, usually though not exclusively all-male, who belted out the Mersey Sound and its Manchester, Tyneside, Scottish, Irish and London equivalents. But folkies had their special band,... Read more →