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Derek Jolly RIP: from Shildon and Bishop to Bulgaria with his grandfather's ferret

Just a few months after the death of Phil Steele, I learnt that another fixture of the folk scene of South West Durham from the late 1960s had also died, some months earlier. And there are links. I was alerted... Read more →

Peter Green RIP. Fleetwood Mac's founder and British blues giant

Image: W W Thaler - H Weber, Hildesheim / CC BY-SA ( Did I reach folk music via the blues or the other way round? I think it was the former; you'd go to folk clubs to hear people playing... Read more →

RIP Judy Dyble: a 'crystalline soprano' with Agatha Christie qualities

Image: Judy Dynle in Oxfordshire, 2009 Credit: Wikipedia 'tommytomato' Salut! Live is not a folk news site. It can post reflections, reviews, lists, the odd interview and so on but it cannot hope to offer a rolling stream of updates... Read more →