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The best of iPod folk

Undervalued contributions: the Guv'nor, pictured by Roger Liptrot Do I really mean best? Not really. And what on earth is iPod folk? Just an excuse for another list. If you have been here before, you may have come across lists... Read more →

Castaway folk (2): political song

For the second of Salut! Live's selections of 10 records for its desert island exile, I have chosen some political songs that have given me particular pleasure. The idea occurred as I read contributions to a thread at the Mudcat... Read more →

Castaway folk (1): intro

Which 10 tracks would you take, given the chance, if cast away to some desert island, whether for the entertainment of BBC radio listeners or because your ship had sunk? We already know what Christy Moore would choose, because he... Read more →

A promise kept

Promises made and all that. I said I would have no hesitation in amending my Best Albums of 2007 list if late arrivals inspired a change of heart and as you will have guessed from the most recent postings, that... Read more →