Salut! History

Bert Jansch: thoughts on a departed giant of acoustic music

July 2022: no pressing reason to update what I wrote in 2011. No looming anniversary I'm aware of, no hitherto unknown detail. It's just that every so often, I think about Bert Jansch, the exceptional music he made and the... Read more →

Leon Rosselson: me, Brassens and the Last Chance, touching on Brel, Sylvestre and (always last) Ferré

June 2022 update: while browsing the Salut! Live archives, I came across this tremendous piece of writing by Leon Rosselson, a singer-songwriter-author I've always admired and was even allowed by The Daily Telegraph - despite a leftwing outlook that paper... Read more →

The Grehan Sisters: a short rediscovery

June 2022 update: 13, nearly 14 years on from when this item originally appeared, I have finally got round to adding the song I most easily associate with the Grehan Sisters, Cricklewood. There was something irresistable about the Grehan Sisters,... Read more →

Windsor some, lose some. Did I see Cream there in 1967?

A few days before the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we took our 13-year-old granddaughter, Maya, to Windsor. In truth, the castle, flags, bunting and stately emblems left her cold until we chanced on a Reuters broadcast crew interviewing a suitably costumed... Read more →

Bella Ciao; big on Netflix, remembered from the 1960s London-Irish folk scene, discouraged in Italy

April 2022 update: this is an item first published between lockdowns in 2020 and republished for the sake of it. Before returning to the UK after our usual spell in France, we had spent a few days in Cinq Terre,... Read more →

Loft vinyl: (3) Francoise Hardy and the song she hated but her fans loved

This has had earlier airings but fits the new Loft Vinyl series as snugly as the perfect glove. I am featuring tracks from old LPs released from lengthy exile in the loft, my elder daughter having bought me a turntable... Read more →