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Cover Story (49). Van Morrison and the Chieftains: a great collaboration remembered

Apologies to Bill Taylor who knows why publication of this offering, suggested by me in self-flagellatory fashion several days ago, has been delayed. The reason, which I cannot go into here, persists and will do for days to come. This... Read more →

The Auld Triangle: Glen Hansard par hasard - Paris, NYC, London and Chicago

Glen Hansard by Niccolò Caranti A woman giving her name as Claire, commenting at YouTube on a clip of one of stars of The Commitments, Glen Hansard, and band performing The Auld Triangle at Chicago's Lollapalooza festival had something of... Read more →

Peruvian dreams. How to make music for love not money

David Denny: 'with our faithful Ericka La Roja at Uchos where the new bridge across the Marañon was being constructed. You can't see it but we are about 1,000m below where road enters the canyon' Every now and then, the... Read more →

Cara Dillon, Ian Anderson, John Spiers and the tragic lockdown tale that cries out for an uplifting new chapter

Please share a photo from a live concert or gig before lockdown. Our entire industry is facing a catastrophic loss of skills with up to 50% facing unemployment #LetTheMusicPlay 🙏🏻 — Cara Dillon (@CaraDillonSings) July 2, 2020 Two small... Read more →

Covid-19, Lombardy and the Corries: 'and we'll all go together'

At my main site, Salut!, I have been publishing the coronavirus-related thoughts and experiences of friends scattered far and wide. The series has produced some outstanding pieces of writing and I urge those of my readers who come only here... Read more →