Salut! Live Readymades

Dipping into the past: Cara Dillon, Spencer the Rover and the Rotherham factor

February 2021 update: in my quest to bring past delights to the attention of Salut! Live's expanding audience, even truer now than when this item appeared in 2017, I invite you to listen to Cara Dillon's version of a song... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Tom Paxton ... Leaving London

When I inflicted my limited vocal and guitar-playing techniques on folk club audiences all those years ago, I did at least have a broad repertoire. You might be unlucky enough to hear The Flower of Northumberland - all 430 verses,... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Touchstone ... Jack Haggerty

One of the great spin-offs from the Bothy Band was Touchstone, a sparkling Irish-American fusion that included the distinctive voices of Triona Ni Dhomnaill, in her first post-Bothy venture, and Claudia Langille, a fine tenor banjo player from Vermont. I... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Buffy Sainte-Marie ...My Country 'Tis Of Thy People You're Dying

I shall let this choice from 2011 stand by itself and speak for itself in the new Song of the Day Revisited series ... Red Indians, as they were called in insulting innocence, formed a part of every childhood of... Read more →