Richard Thompson

Magic by proxy: Linda Thompson finds her voices

Colin Randall welcomes long-awaited news of an exciting project in which Linda Thompson assembles musically gifted family and friends for an album of the songs she wrote but cannot perform herself …. Linda Thompson has one of the best-loved voices... Read more →

From Fotheringay to Fairport: remembering drummer Gerry Conway

We mentioned on our Facebook group the death of Gerry Conway, best remembered as the drummer of the later-period Fairport Convention, and of course we should pay our respects here as well. Andrew Curry remembers a fine musician …. (Source:... Read more →

Binge-listening to Christy Moore: fighting fascists in Spain, singing for Ireland in Germany

Join the Salut! Live Facebook group. Visit this link now By Colin Randall Nick Clapham, someone I have met only electronically, posted this photo of his assembled collection of Christy Moore albums at the UK and Irish Folk Music 60s-80s... Read more →

My Christmas Day choice: Sunnyvista by Richard and Linda Thompson, and Lindisfarne's Broon

Each Christmas, if I remember, I look around for something quirky to post, (the editor writes). I've done the greetings, incorporated within the piece introducing Andrew Curry as Salut! Live’s new deputy editor. I’ve posted/reposted interpretations of Fairytale of New... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Fairport Convention ... Crazy Man Michael

Another quick update, Oct 2023: Dave Swarbrick's widow Jill has firmly and correctly reminded me that the gorgeous music that so perfectly suits Richard Thompson's words for this song was composed by the mighty Swarb. Read her comment below, reproduced... Read more →