Pete Sixsmith,

Spiers and Boden: man-eating boars, man-eaters from Essex

Spiers and BodenImage: Candy Schwartz

In sore need of being cheered up, Pete Sixsmith found a musical remedy: English folk's compelling little and large show ...

Folk music is littered with great duos – Swarbrick and Carthy, Shirley and Dolly Collins, Foster and Allen, - and Spiers and Boden can take their place in the Pantheon of Performing Pairs after a rousing show at The Sage, Gateshead on Sunday night.

As a gloomy and disgruntled Sunderland supporter, I was desperately in need of a pick-me-up and the pair certainly gave me that, with their indie take on traditional music. One tall and thin, the other short and a little tubby, and both dressed in dark colours they make a great combination that melds Jon Boden’s very distinct voice with the melodic box playing of John Spiers.

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