From Fotheringay to Fairport: remembering drummer Gerry Conway

We mentioned on our Facebook group the death of Gerry Conway, best remembered as the drummer of the later-period Fairport Convention, and of course we should pay our respects here as well. Andrew Curry remembers a fine musician …. (Source:... Read more →

Bert Jansch remembered: the songs (2) Needle of Death

See all items covering the Bert Jansch commemoration at this link: Colin Randall writes: This is my own offering to our mini-series on specific Bert Jansch tracks. It's a song that hurt to hear, hurt to play, chronicling yet... Read more →

Windsor some, lose some. Did I see Cream there in 1967?

A few days before the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we took our 13-year-old granddaughter, Maya, to Windsor. In truth, the castle, flags, bunting and stately emblems left her cold until we chanced on a Reuters broadcast crew interviewing a suitably costumed... Read more →