Mighty Doonans

Music from North Eastern England. Season two (1): Geordie Black, a song in search of its true tune

December 2021: season two of Music from North Eastern England had its origins in this post from Bill Taylor, published in August. Now that I have reposted, with minor updates, all seven instalments of the original series, it is time... Read more →

Cover Story: (64) Here's the Tender Coming. Mighty Doonans, Unthanks, Dave Burland or Frankie Armstrong

Reposted: April 2024. On a whim I have said often enough that the Cover Story series is not intended primarily as a competition but aims to alert readers to different treatments of the same songs and instrumentals. Inevitably, however, whether... Read more →

Song of the Day: Doonan Family Band ... I'll Tell Me Ma/Route 66

August 2021 update: The Doonan Family Band, the Doonans, the Mighty Doonans. Call them what you will, they've been a brilliant fixture of the folk scene for a long time. I look for pretty much any excuse to showcase them,... Read more →