Loft vinyl

My Christmas Day choice: Sunnyvista by Richard and Linda Thompson, and Lindisfarne's Broon

Each Christmas, if I remember, I look around for something quirky to post, (the editor writes). I've done the greetings, incorporated within the piece introducing Andrew Curry as Salut! Live’s new deputy editor. I’ve posted/reposted interpretations of Fairytale of New... Read more →

Loft Vinyl: (9) Fairport Convention and Heyday

This article was devised and started before Sunderland vs Millwall. And then updated at half time and finished after the final whistle on a heartening 3-0 home win ... Long neglected, Salut! Live's Loft Vinyl series - the product of... Read more →

Loft vinyl: (8) which LPs to pack for France. McGarrigles, June Tabor and Nanci Griffith in, Cream and Chopin out

SEE THE FULL LOFT VINYL SERIES at The loss of a cat freed up a lot of space in the car for the grand return to France. With Monette to transport, room had to be found for her cage,... Read more →