Lockdown sounds,

Favourite 10 bands. Usual suspects - Fairport and Steeleye - with Coldplay, Cranberries and Dire Straits varying the mix

When I bumped into Richard Thompson relaxing at Cropredy before the Liege and Lief line-up, minus Sandy, took stage MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN Move on to bands, the man said, so we shall. If a top 10 of... Read more →

Favourite 10 singers. (2) Male - Ray Charles tops my list with room for Dylan and Christy Moore

MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN I promised a top 10 of male singers - just my own preferences - and invite you to list yours. You may also pop back to https://www.salutlive.com/2020/04/your-favourite-10-singers-1-female-sandy-denny-and-billie-holliday-head-my-list.html and offer your top 10 female vocalists.... Read more →

Favourite 10 singers: (1) female - Sandy Denny and Billie Holiday head my list. But yours?

Image: Jef Aerosol MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN This was an evolving Salut! Live post. It attracted gratifying reader response although most of the 33 comments originated at social media mentions of the piece, not here. Since we're all... Read more →

Covid-19, Lombardy and the Corries: 'and we'll all go together'

At my main site, Salut!, I have been publishing the coronavirus-related thoughts and experiences of friends scattered far and wide. The series has produced some outstanding pieces of writing and I urge those of my readers who come only here... Read more →

Covid-19. Songs of endurance (2) Graham and Eileen Pratt: Ned of the Hill

In a recent post at Salut! Live, I invited readers to nominate the one piece of music they could listen to over and again during lockdown. This is a near cousin of that little exercise and can be added to... Read more →