Lockdown sounds,

Lockdown sounds: Kate Rusby and kids sing the Bangles' Manic Monday and a Bangle applauds

As Salut! Live's little world knows full well, I adore Kate Rusby, her songwriting and singing and even the "natteriness" as she once described the garrulous ways she'd acquired from life as a Yorkshirewoman. Interest to declare: I worked for... Read more →

Covid-19. Songs of endurance (3) Mary Coughlan: My Land is too Green

Image: Simone J Rudolphi MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN I am not sure whether Nick Hornby had the same problem when he wrote High Fidelity. For me, no sooner is a list created - favourite this, favourite that -... Read more →

Lockdown sounds: anything I can do, you can do better ...

A photograph I have hanging on the wall in France. It shows my reflection in the mirror as I interview Altan's Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh one night in Donegal MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN I am grateful to everyone who... Read more →

Lockdown sounds: now for acoustic bands and duos. Planxty and the McGarrigles top my lists

Paul Brady performs Arthur McBride. Image reproduced from Flickr with kind consent of David Sutherland MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN Not even the readers of Salut! Live are wholly on my side. My folk tastes are unusual and I... Read more →

Favourite 10 bands. Usual suspects - Fairport and Steeleye - with Coldplay, Cranberries and Dire Straits varying the mix

When I bumped into Richard Thompson relaxing at Cropredy before the Liege and Lief line-up, minus Sandy, took stage MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN Move on to bands, the man said, so we shall. If a top 10 of... Read more →