My Christmas Day choice: Sunnyvista by Richard and Linda Thompson, and Lindisfarne's Broon

Each Christmas, if I remember, I look around for something quirky to post, (the editor writes). I've done the greetings, incorporated within the piece introducing Andrew Curry as Salut! Live’s new deputy editor. I’ve posted/reposted interpretations of Fairytale of New... Read more →

Lindisfarne: remnants, rags and reminders

I've been meaning to post something about Lindisfarne for some time. They've had mentions, for sure, but their achievements deserve more. My first encounter with this brilliant Newcastle band was, appropriately since my childhood beat was County Durham and my... Read more →

Rab Noakes RIP: news of his death 'hit me like a heavy ton of bricks'

As years go by, acquaintance with death is unavoidable. Friends, relatives, former colleagues and people you know a little or a lot succumb to nature's way of doing things. The certainty of mortality hardly makes it easier when loved or... Read more →