Les Cousins

Les Cousins: the story of a historic folk dive packed into three CDs

Join the Salut! Live Facebook group. Visit this link now Colin Randall writes: We’ve had a fair bit of nostalgia here about the Soho folk haunt Les Cousins so I posted my own thoughts at my new Substack pages, which... Read more →

‘A night that ends on Greek Street to the rising of the sun’—remembering Les Cousins

Les Cousins is the ‘60s folk club that shaped a generation of performers. A new compilation catches the breadth of the music from that basement in London’s Greek Street. Read more →

Bert Jansch remembered: nights in Soho with Paul Simon, Jimi Hendrix and Noel Murphy

To be truthful, the late Bert Jansch - who would have been 80 yesterday - appears only fleetingly in this piece. But the writer, Ian Evans, added these priceless memories when participating in Salut! Live's series marking the date of... Read more →