Leon Rosselson

Elephants in the room. Leon Rosselson’s life of song and protest

Here's one for the media studies class. How do you get a complimentary piece about a radical leftwing enemy of the capitalist system into a newspaper nicknamed the house journal of the Conservative party? Do you damn with faint praise,... Read more →

Turning Silence into Song: a Covid-age tribute to the towering songwriting of Leon Rosselson

This started out as an add-on to an outstanding essay written by the gifted and versatile Leon Rosselson, possibly my favourite songwriter in the face of enormous competition. It fully deserves its own slot and here it is, promoted from... Read more →

Leon Rosselson: me, Brassens and the Last Chance, touching on Brel, Sylvestre and (always last) Ferré

June 2022 update: while browsing the Salut! Live archives, I came across this tremendous piece of writing by Leon Rosselson, a singer-songwriter-author I've always admired and was even allowed by The Daily Telegraph - despite a leftwing outlook that paper... Read more →

The Big Interview: Leon Rosselson no longer turning the world upside down

On Leon Rosselson’s most recent album, Where Are The Barricades?, we encounter a cluster of usual suspects, old, older and new: rotten bankers, corporate raiders, uncaring politicians, plundering national heroes (take a bow, Sir Francis Drake) and an Israeli policy... Read more →

Roaring 90s: best of the decade

Roberts and Rusby: Barnsley's finest Picture: Bryan Ledgard MY FOLK ALBUMS OF THE 1990s * Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts (Pure), album of the 1990s (1995) * How Are You Off For Coals? (Fellside) Bob Fox and Benny Graham (1997);... Read more →