Instruments of pleasure

Instruments of pleasure: (1) John Renbourn and the Earl of Salisbury

A chance exchange with an electronic acquaintance at Twitter prompted some thoughts on folk music (and allied forms) without voices, musicians who let their instruments do the talking. The first examples of instrumental sounds that caught my admiring attention would... Read more →

Instruments of Pleasure: (7) Simon Mayor's Man on the Plane and America's grim gun fetish

What goes through your mind with news of each mass shooting in the United States? Shock, I suspect, no longer comes into it for most of us. Beyond sadness for the victims, my thoughts are dominated by sheer anger at... Read more →

Instruments of pleasure: (6) Music for a Found Harmonium by Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Patrick Street or Sharon Shannon

Simon Jeffes: I found this album at Amazon Twenty-three years have passed since the untimely death of Simon Jeffes, co-founder with Helen Liebmann of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and getting on for 40 since he wrote Music For a Found... Read more →

Instruments of pleasure: (4) The Lark by Moving Hearts. Too hard an act for Clannad to follow

Buy the album at Salut! Live's Amazon link: just click here Was it The Storm before a becalmed Clannad? It must have been Dec 1 or 2 1989 at the Hammersmith Apollo. Someone called Ray has written "most boring show... Read more →

Instruments of pleasure: (3) Leo Kottke and All I Have To Do Is Dream

Image: Anthony Pepitone For part three of my little series on folk and folk-related instrumentals, I have chosen a recommendation from a friend that is neither folk nor folk-related ... From about mid-teens, my best friend and occasional protector was... Read more →

Instruments of pleasure: (2) O'Carolan's air, Lady Dillon, by Maire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

. Image: Wikipedia Commons First I offer thanks to those who have suggested, here or on social media, possible inclusions in my new series on folk and folk-related instrumentals. For the second instalment, I turn to the substantial body of... Read more →