Ed Pickford

At last: the Pitmen Poets singing The Workers’ Song. And how to resolve the winter of discontent

Just when I thought I had one solution to the failure of my attempts to showcase Ed Pickford's noble anthem in appreciations of ordinary people, The Workers’ Song, as sung by the Pitmen Poets, a much better one popped along.... Read more →

Song and performance of the year: Pitmen Poets and Ed Pickford's Workers' Song

I do not always nominate a best-of- year album or other piece of work. This year, I feel bound to do so. I have heard nothing better all year than the Pitmen Poets' rousing and timely rendering of one of... Read more →

The big interview: Ed Pickford (2)

So we already know that Ed Pickford has a passion for songwriting, and that this passion somehow grew stronger still after he learnt that he had a life-threatening disease. When he complained to me that painting and decorating chores were... Read more →

Ed Pickford: the big interview (1)

Farewell Durham, Yorkshire too Nottingham the same to you Scotland, South Wales say "Adieu" Farewell Johnny Miner With the four-line chorus quoted above, and the verses either side of it, Ed Pickford summed up in the starkest terms the impact... Read more →