Dylan Neat or Dylan Beat

Covering Bob

Andrew Curry writes: It’s Bob Dylan’s 83rd birthday today—Happy birthday, Bob!—and to mark the occasion we’re enjoying some of the fine covers of Dylan songs done by folk artists down the years. Perhaps with some Beaujolais before we hit the... Read more →

Dylan at 80: positively a bitter slice of the master’s prose and the 'gawping amazement' it stirs

May 2021 update: on Sunday, the eve of Bob Dylan's 80th birthday, I will publish a selection of beautiful tributes from UK artists and writers. One of the contributors who responded to my invitation, the writer Colin Irwin, describes the... Read more →

Dylan neat or Dylan beat. Blowin' in the Wind by the master or by Peter, Paul and Mary

No sooner had the dust settled on my little discussion of Mr Tambourine Man, itself inspired by my first boss in journalism, Mike Amos, than a related instalment of the Dylan at 80 series crops up. And Mike, still a... Read more →

Dylan at 80: a respectful comparison of Mr Tambourine Man, by Bob and by the Byrds

Mike Amos, the man responsible for my start in journalism (his apology to the world is in the post), insists that the best Bob Dylan cover version is the Byrds' Mr Tambourine Man. I'll grant that it's a contender for... Read more →

Cover Story (2) and Dylan at 80: Don't Think Twice It's All Right. Dylan or Baez

May 2021 update: I am reproducing this - written in the south of France, where I long to be now - as part of Salut! Live’s popular Dylan at 80 series. Stand by for more treats to come. And talking... Read more →

Dylan neat or Dylan beat: when Eddie Vedder sings of war, the master is mastered

Sue Nicholson and I worked together as young reporters on a local paper. She later went successfully into PR, where the role in which I most remember her was as head of communications for Northumbria Police. Away from work, I... Read more →