Covid-19: Songs of endurance

Covid-19. Songs of endurance (3) Mary Coughlan: My Land is too Green

Image: Simone J Rudolphi MUSIC TO HELP US THROUGH LOCKDOWN I am not sure whether Nick Hornby had the same problem when he wrote High Fidelity. For me, no sooner is a list created - favourite this, favourite that -... Read more →

Covid-19. Songs of endurance (2) Graham and Eileen Pratt: Ned of the Hill

In a recent post at Salut! Live, I invited readers to nominate the one piece of music they could listen to over and again during lockdown. This is a near cousin of that little exercise and can be added to... Read more →

Covid-19. Songs of Endurance: (1) positively a bitter slice of Dylan

Dylan in 2010. Image: Alberto Cabello from Vitoria Gasteiz/CC BY ( Is there one piece of music, from a Beethoven symphony to a three-minute chart-topper, that you could listen to over and again? Something stirring or quirky enough to triumph... Read more →