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Cover Story (32) revisited : Fairytale of New York. The Pogues, of course, but also O'Hooley and Tidow's extraordinary remake

A troubled journey from London to the south Midlands was made slightly grimmer by my daughter's choice of a radio station which had decided that the afternoon of December 2 was a good time to bombard listeners with Christmas hits,... Read more →

Cover Story reaches 50 with Arthur McBride. Paul Brady, Planxty or Thile and Jarosz - but where's Dylan?

I first met Paul Brady when he was a member of the Johnstons and that memorable Irish band played at folk clubs I ran in Darlington and Bishop Auckland at the end of the 1960s or beginning of the 1970s.... Read more →

Cover Story (49). Van Morrison and the Chieftains: a great collaboration remembered

Apologies to Bill Taylor who knows why publication of this offering, suggested by me in self-flagellatory fashion several days ago, has been delayed. The reason, which I cannot go into here, persists and will do for days to come. This... Read more →

Cover Story: (48) Carrickfergus by Van the Man, the Dubliners or the sublime Allison Moorer?

What a great Irish ballad Carrickfergus is. How strange then, that it cries out to be better still and, for all we know, once was. On the face of it, we have a gorgeous song with striking, mournful lyrics of... Read more →

The Auld Triangle: Glen Hansard par hasard - Paris, NYC, London and Chicago

Glen Hansard by Niccolò Caranti A woman giving her name as Claire, commenting at YouTube on a clip of one of stars of The Commitments, Glen Hansard, and band performing The Auld Triangle at Chicago's Lollapalooza festival had something of... Read more →