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Cover Story: (61) Underneath the Stars. Kate Rusby, Voces8 or Western Illinois University Singers

Choirs can work wonders with songs created for other settings. In St Bride's, just off Fleet Street in London and commonly known as the journalists' church, I have attended several moving memorial services for former colleagues. And I remember in... Read more →

Who Knows Where the Time Goes - or where it went? Sandy Denny's song and its covers

March 2021 update: My tribute to Who Knows Where the Time Goes?, a great song by an even greater departed heroine of folk and folk-rock, Sandy Denny, first appeared when I was living in Abu Dhabi in 2008. It was... Read more →

Cover Story: (59) The Curragh of Kildare. A hanged highwayman and a hung jury

As we approach the 60th edition of Cover Story, here's something of a novelty for the series, a song that was among the first I found seductive as I become interested in folk music but for which I recently struggled... Read more →

Cover Story (35): Jack Haggerty - Touchstone, Tony Furtado or Celtic Mayhem

Jan 2021 update: as regular readers will know, I have been updating and re-promoting older items. Maybe this is of benefit to those who are new to the site, like some of what they find but haven't the time to... Read more →

Cover Story: (58) Sweet Thames Flow Softly. MacColl & Seeger, Christy Moore, Wainwright siblings or many others

Kissed her once again at Wapping After that there was no stopping Those lines, which delight some listeners and strike others as embarrassing, were not to be found in the original lyrics of Sweet Thames, Flow Softly. Arguably one of... Read more →

Cover Story: (57) Hit the Road Jack. Ray Charles, yes. Richard Anthony's French version, Fiche le Camp? Presque jamais!

More than 16 years after his death, Ray Charles, another of those artists Rolling Stone magazine excluded from its list of the 100 greatest songwriters of all time, is still adored by many across the world. The French in particular,... Read more →