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The ultimate Cover Story: (45) Kate Rusby's hand-me-downs

Kate and band on home ground, Barnsley 2018. Image: Jonas Soderstrom I was not sure whether to make this the 45th instalment of Salut! Live's Cover Story series comparing and contrasting different versions of the same pieces of music. I... Read more →

Christmas Cover Story: (50) Arthur McBride. Paul Brady, Planxty or Thile and Jarosz - but where's Dylan?

Christmas 2021 update: looking for something with a Christmas feel, and intending to contribute to a seasonally themed series at the 60s 70s Folk Music Facebook group, I finally plumped for this. Paul Brady's unbeatable song of press gang thuggery... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (7) The Pitman's Poet, Alan Price, Unthanks, Whisky Priests and High Level Ranters

December 2021: this concludes the initial series on Music from North Eastern England and I honestly believe it to be the best of the seen, its quality greatly enhanced by Bill Taylor's memory in Comments of a stunning Alan Price... Read more →

Cover Story (34): Blues Run the Game. Jackson C Frank, Bert Jansch or Martin Simpson

November 2021 update: Glad to be able to report that the Salut! Live readership, while still small, is rising. These days, it is rare for the daily hits to dip below 200 and sometimes the numbers soar far higher. I... Read more →

The passing of Paddy Moloney: the Chieftains, Van Morrison, Joan Osborne and a flake of his genius

In an updated post from the Salut! Live archive, I acknowledged with great regret the death of Paddy Moloney, co-founder of the Chieftains, a priceless champion of traditional Irish music and an innovator par excellence. I first saw his ensemble... Read more →

Cover Story (66): Brexit's empty shelves, missing lorry drivers and Ewan MacColl classic song of the road. Bob Fox, Dubliners or MacColl

Brexit is the poisoned chalice that just keeps on dispensing its noxious social and economic pollutants. Whichever way you look - exporters, importers, farmers, fishermen, musicians, students, the NI peace process - it causes problems. And the stock response of... Read more →

Cover Story: (65) Rag Doll. Four Seasons or Steeleye Span

In my relentless drive to update all sorts of archived files at Salut! Live, I risk losing count of where we are in the Cover Story series that draws attention to different versions of the same songs. I think we're... Read more →