Bob Dylan

Best Christmas songs? Dylan just Must Be Santa and Fairytale doesn't have to be the Pogues

The cynic in me - and cynicism occupies a large part of my soul - says "best Christmas song" is a bit like "best trainspotter" or, worse, "best thing about medieval dentistry". But I'm not entirely Scrooge. I like John... Read more →

Song of the Day: Joan Baez interprets Dylan as only she can ... Don't Think Twice It's All Right

June 2021: not really an update. I have been too busy planning and effecting my escape from fortress Britain to France to spend much time on updating Salut! Live. So a simple reminder of a contentious preference, published 10 years... Read more →

Cover Story: (40) Like a Rolling Stone. Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones or Hendrix

August 2021 u-turn: Salut! Live makes no claims of great consistency. Like most people, I change my mind quite a lot. I said in an earlier update that if I had second thoughts about this song, they would involve recognising... Read more →

'Gasping at Dylan's genius'. Ralph McTell and Martin Simpson head Salut! Live's second wave of tributes

This is the second and concluding part of Salut! Live's parade of singers, musicians and writers who were happy to respond our appeal for personal tributes to Bob Dylan to mark his 80th birthday tomorrow. See the first instalment and... Read more →

´He changed my world.' Tributes to Bob Dylan at 80, led by Richard and Linda Thompson, Simon Nicol and Bob Fox

On the eve of Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday, Salut! Live is in humble mode. I asked around the folk and folk-rock world for birthday greetings, hoping for the best but fearing the worst. The response has been little short of... Read more →