Bob Dylan

Best Christmas songs? Dylan just Must Be Santa and Fairytale doesn't have to be the Pogues

The cynic in me - and cynicism occupies a large part of my soul - says "best Christmas song" is a bit like "best trainspotter" or, worse, "best thing about medieval dentistry". But I'm not entirely Scrooge. I like John... Read more →

Covering Bob

Andrew Curry writes: It’s Bob Dylan’s 83rd birthday today—Happy birthday, Bob!—and to mark the occasion we’re enjoying some of the fine covers of Dylan songs done by folk artists down the years. Perhaps with some Beaujolais before we hit the... Read more →

Martin Carthy on Dylan: ‘You can’t do that! It’s a musical instrument, man.’

Andrew Curry writes: It’s Bob Dylan’s birthday tomorrow, and that seems like a good reason to share some of Martin Carthy’s recollections of hanging out with Bob in London more than 60 years ago. Martin beat Bob to 83 by... Read more →

So you wanna be a rock ’n’ roll star? No, a folk singer

Bill Taylor writes: Over the decades, the line has constantly been blurred between rock music, folk music and so-called folk-rock. For years, Roger McGuinn danced back and forth across that line and even tightrope-walked along it. And then he came... Read more →

For Christmas present, greetings from Salut! Live and a tracklist without hits

Salut! Live wishes as a happy Christmas and prosperous a new year as our masters will allow. It's been a strange year for this site, exhilaration at some astonishing statistics recording many hundreds and sometimes even thousands of daily visitors... Read more →

Cover Story: (70) Your favourite Dylan covers. Eric Alper asks, Salut! Live answers

Eric Alper -'freelance music publicist. SiriusXM host, shameless idealist, lifelong musicaholic', he says though with more upper case than I'd allow - is the Twitter master of the simple musical question that can reliably be expected to draw hundreds or... Read more →

Song of the Day: Joan Baez interprets Dylan as only she can ... Don't Think Twice It's All Right

June 2021: not really an update. I have been too busy planning and effecting my escape from fortress Britain to France to spend much time on updating Salut! Live. So a simple reminder of a contentious preference, published 10 years... Read more →