Bill Taylor

Binge-listening to Christy Moore: fighting fascists in Spain, singing for Ireland in Germany

Join the Salut! Live Facebook group. Visit this link now By Colin Randall Nick Clapham, someone I have met only electronically, posted this photo of his assembled collection of Christy Moore albums at the UK and Irish Folk Music 60s-80s... Read more →

Folk dance from the White Heather Club to the Appalachians via Ireland

If you grew up when and where I grew up, folk dancing meant the White Heather Club, a BBC programme that ran off and on for 10 years from 1958. It was unbelievably corny and presented what I have seen... Read more →

Death in the mines, more thoughts on the Trimdon Grange explosion - and the Unthanks' excellence

Back when hacking was an adjective for a certain kind of cough and phone-tapping was something only spies did, Mike Amos got me my first job as a journalist and taught me how to be a reporter. It is no... Read more →

For Christmas present, greetings from Salut! Live and a tracklist without hits

Salut! Live wishes as a happy Christmas and prosperous a new year as our masters will allow. It's been a strange year for this site, exhilaration at some astonishing statistics recording many hundreds and sometimes even thousands of daily visitors... Read more →

Cover Story: (69) Bay of Fundy by the Unthanks, its composer Gordon Bok or Someone Else

CLICK ANYWHERE ON THIS PARAGRAPH TO EXPLORE THE FULL COVER STORY SERIES - COMPARING DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAME SONGS AND SOMETIMES TUNES Among the certainties of human existence, death and tax rank fairly high. So, a cynic might say,... Read more →