Benny Graham

Pitmen Poets: from the Land of Three Rivers to the Strawbs

Colin Randall writes: On first hearing of the Pitmen Poets' new album Re-union, experience told me to stand by for a rebuke from Bob Fox. Twenty-four years ago, when I made Fox's Dreams Never Leave You my Daily Telegraph folk... Read more →

Pitmen Poets: sold out in person, but live online

... there’s something appropriate about seeing Pitmen Poets this year, the 40th anniversary of the British miners’ strike, since they are all steeped in the songs and culture of Britain’s coalfields. Read more →

Before the miners’ strike—telling the miners’ story in songs, jokes and sketches

The long history of the miners’ fight for better pay and conditions was brought to life by Alan Plater in Close the Coalhouse Door. The songs of Alex Glasgow were central to the telling of the story. Read more →

Sorrow and solidarity in the coalfield, with Bob Fox, Benny Graham, Jez Lowe and Billy Mitchell

Jagged forks of lightning tore across the sky above Marseille as I began a two-hour drive home from the airport, listening to the opening tracks of Bare Knuckle, a copy of which had been waiting for me on a fleeting... Read more →

Roaring 90s: best of the decade

Roberts and Rusby: Barnsley's finest Picture: Bryan Ledgard MY FOLK ALBUMS OF THE 1990s * Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts (Pure), album of the 1990s (1995) * How Are You Off For Coals? (Fellside) Bob Fox and Benny Graham (1997);... Read more →