Ashley Hutchings

Song of the Day: Albion Band ... The Gresford Disaster

August 2021 update: consider British folk-rock, a magical genre in my view, and the name of Ashley Hutchings should spring effortlessly to mind. It doesn't always do so and I feel I have some personal culpability in failing to recognise... Read more →

‘Morris On’ on May Day

Andrew Curry writes: It’s May Day, so it’s a good day to pull Morris On off the shelves and put it on the turntable. The record dates from 1972, after Ashley Hutchings had left Steeleye Span, just before he started... Read more →

Tales from the ‘60s: Fairport’s breakout year and John Martyn’s ‘terrible’ rhythm section

Andrew Curry with Part Two of his series on the interview with producer Joe Boyd and engineer/producer John Wood on the early days of folk-rock. In which Fairport Convention hit their stride in 1969 and invent folk-rock. It all comes... Read more →