Anne Briggs

June Tabor on the singing and the songs

Andrew Curry writes: Over at our Facebook group, our Artist of the Week last week was June Tabor, with a particular nod towards Ashore, her record of songs of the sea. While checking something, I stumbled on an interview with... Read more →

Song of the Day: Beeswing (Her POV), by Aine O’Boyle

Andrew Curry writes: There was some chat on our Facebook group a couple of weeks ago about Richard Thompson’s timeless classic, Beeswing. Thompson’s always denied that it was “about” the fine folk singer Anne Briggs, but much more recently he... Read more →

‘I didn’t want to be tied down’: Anne Briggs’s short career, long reputation and Beeswing connection

Anne Briggs performed for about a decade and recorded barely three hours of music. She hated being on stage and often disliked her voice. But her influence was huge. We look back at her time in music with a bit of help from Uncut magazine. Read more →