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The first Fotheringay album: yours for £100

Colin Randall writes:

I love record shops that specialise in vinyl.

Del Day, an  old acquaintance from record-reviewing days - me the reviewer, him the artists’ publicist- runs a gem of a store in Lewes, around the corner from my elder daughter's home.

There’s another good shop in South Ealing, not far from where I live. And still in Ealing, a Saturday record fair is held regularly in a small hall behind Christ the Saviour church.

And it was there, this weekend, that I spotted this:


I have loads of great old albums in vinyl form (and plenty of terrible ones, too). Unfortunately, at least financially, I bought them for pleasure (or was sent them for review) and they have spent years in the loft. I am sure few of them are in anywhere near the seemingly untouched state of that collector's copy of  Fotheringay.

Salut! Live does have a series devoted to records retrieved form the attic. Loft Vinyl it's called and all its items can be found at this link. 

You'll find mention and often clips of

Steeleye Span, Archie Fisher, Fairport Convention, the McGarrigles, Richard and Linda Thompson, June Tabor, Nanci Griffith, Barbara, Francoise Hardy, Touchstone, the Chieftains with Van Morrison, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Stefan Grossman, Kenny Ball, Albert Ammons, Francoise Hardy, Moving Hearts.

More will come. Fotheringay is not there, howver. I have only the CD. But just take a look at the following comments, among those that appeared when I shared the photo of Fotheringay's album sleeve at the Fairporters Facebook group


** My opening message: Crikey. A pity my loft collection is a bit scruffier


Steve Warren

Via Facebook

When I decided to sell my collection of around 450 albums from the 1970s I was offered £500 by a dealer in Durham. Fortunately I researched the values on Discogs and sold three of them for £1000 each (Bowie’s Hunky Dory and progressive rock bands Kestrel & Fuzzy Duck). They were in almost mint condition though.

Del Day


Ooh, thanks for there kind words. Regards this record, we'd be selling VG+ copies of this album for £35 - £40. A ton is a little ambitious to be fair but a lot of these old folk records do sell in that region regularly.

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