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Song of the Day: Martyn Bennett’s Hallaig

Martyn Bennett—the ‘techno piper’—died young of cancer. But before that his unique mix of Scottish traditional music and rave culture had taken Scots folk music by storm. Our Song of the Day, ‘Hallaig’, remembers Bennett on the anniversary of his death. Read more →

‘A night that ends on Greek Street to the rising of the sun’—remembering Les Cousins

Les Cousins is the ‘60s folk club that shaped a generation of performers. A new compilation catches the breadth of the music from that basement in London’s Greek Street. Read more →

Robert Burns, Dave Swarbrick and a splash of reggae

It’s Robert Burns’s birthday today, and depending on how you like his songs we have a Burns/ Bob Marley mash-up from Swarbs and Jason Wilson, or a more traditional version from the Scots singer Robyn Stapleton. Read more →

‘I didn’t want to be tied down’: Anne Briggs’s short career, long reputation and Beeswing connection

Anne Briggs performed for about a decade and recorded barely three hours of music. She hated being on stage and often disliked her voice. But her influence was huge. We look back at her time in music with a bit of help from Uncut magazine. Read more →