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Jain, a French marvel seen through English teenage eyes

From the cover of French Cosmopolitan to the pages of Salut! Live. What more exposure does the hugely innovative singer-songwriter Jain need to demonstrate the growing maturity of - and recognition for - her art?
Now 31, Jeanne Louise Galice, as she was born in Toulouse, has advanced from fresh young promise to stunning grown-up accomplishment. She took a long break after a hectic round of international touring but insisted it was for a battery recharge, not to overcome burn-out. She listened to old music by Kate Bush, Prince, David Bowie and even Joan Baez, rented a fisherman's cabin in Marseille and composed. The result, an outstanding third album, The Fool, underlines her progression as singer, composer and musician.
Jain's popularity is mainly confined to francophone countries, which is odd (and unjust) since she sings exclusively in English and has a fabulous ear for lush melody and compelling hooks. But she does have at least one adoring UK fan - my 14-year-old  granddaughter Maya. This is Maya's quick look at Jain's music and the impact it has had in her life ...
By Maya
One of my favourite musical artists is Jain, who has inspired me with her amazing songs and lyrics.
All three of her albums have really drawn me to her music, making me sing along to each song, learning the lyrics by heart. I make my family play her in the car wherever we are going.
Jain fool - 1
What I also like about her is that although, like me, she has French blood, I can still easily understand the songs as they are in English. [NB: in fact, Maya speaks and understand lot of French and has a lovely accent whereas Jain doesn't just have French blood but is French, with some Madagascar blood! - Editor/Grandad).
Firstly I’d like to talk about the debut album, Zanaka. This was my introduction to Jain’s music and I wasn’t sure at first what to make of it. But I ended up really enjoying it to the point where I "encouraged" my whole family to listen with me again and again.
My favourite song in that album was definitely Dynabeat as I loved the tempo, the lyrics and the whole overall sound. I also really liked some of her more popular songs, such as Makeba.
The moment I heard her second album, Souldier, I knew it was destined to be my favourite. It is so hard to say which tracks I like best but if forced to choose, I would go for On my Way or Inspector. With them, I just feel a total connection to my musical tastes.
However, I didn’t dislike any song on the album, and played it everywhere so much that I think my family also learnt the lyrics.
Finally, the most recent album, The Fool. This was yet again a wonderful record that immediately impressed. I asked my family to buy it for me and they did, knowing how much I would love it.
As I started listening, I played each song a few times to memorise the words and sound and it was all just stunning. I absolutely adored every song.
Personally, I love Cosmic Love, Maria and The Balance the most, while my grandad likes The Fool, which is another masterpiece.
Overall, Jain’s music really had a big effect on me and gives me some of my favourite listening (my mum and I have loads on our Spotify regular favourite songs playlist, which means a lot).
Can't wait for a fourth album!
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* Maya is 14, very nearly 15, and has a rich cultural mix - English, French, Trinidadian and Seychellois, She lives in London


Maya eiffel - 1




A great review, Maya.It inspired a man nearly as old as your granddad to listen - and I really enjoyed it. I shall listen to more.
Thank you for bringing her to my attention.

Colin Randall

Look up Makeba and Come from the first album, Pete. And Abu Dhabi from the second.


JAIN (acoustic playlist) hardtosmile1


Well done, Maya. What an interesting piece. You have inspired me to listen to some of Jain’s music.

John Heslop

Via Facebook

I first listened to Makeba, which I enjoyed, but took me by surprise, as I was expecting traditional folk music! I did enjoy it, though and the video was brilliant! I've now listened to The Fool and found hints of Francois Hardy in Jain's voice. Your granddaughter has excellent taste!

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