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Imany wows Sainte-Maxime, which promptly goes out and votes Le Pen. Expliquez-vous Sainte-Maxime!

Politics invade this site from time to time. I am writing from France which has again resisted the best efforts of the extreme right to take power. It got closer than ever this time - Emmanuel Macron's comfortable 17-point majority... Read more →

Cover Story: (67) Death Comes Easy. Harvey Andrews, Ian Campbell and a superior anti-war song

CLICK ANYWHERE ON THIS PARAGRAPH TO EXPLORE THE FULL COVER STORY SERIES - COMPARING DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAME SONGS AND SOMETIMES TUNES Bill Taylor revives Salut! Live's popular but neglected Cover Story series with another look at songs of... Read more →

Bella Ciao; big on Netflix, remembered from the 1960s London-Irish folk scene, discouraged in Italy

April 2022 update: this is an item first published between lockdowns in 2020 and republished for the sake of it. Before returning to the UK after our usual spell in France, we had spent a few days in Cinq Terre,... Read more →

Remembering John Prine: London assembles family and star friends

John Prine was a compelling, combative, heart-in-the-right-place American singer-songwriter who died two years ago next Thursday at the age of 73. He had successfully fought two cancers but succumbed to the wretched Covid. This is how I recorded his passing... Read more →