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Frankie Gavin: a colossus of Irish music, in need of life-or-death help

Salut! Live, as I explained when responding to this appeal, has no income (beyond the very occasional and usually out-of-the-blue online donation). Yet I had no hesitation in coming up with a small contribution to this worthiest of causes: finding the treatment Frankie Gavin needs to beat cancer.

Frankie is a man I will always associate with De Dannan, the wonderful Irish band he has led since 1975 and which has brought together some of the greatest instrumental and vocal talents the island produces with such ease. Some of my fondest musical memories are of De Dannan gigs, in Bristol and London, and my most treasured CDs and vinyl albums include those recorded by Frankie's band.

With crowd-funding, the smallest helping hand matters.The link for donations is:

Please read what Frankie's son Julian has to say below, enjoy the clip and react with whatever generosity your circumstances allow, Let Julian, explain further ...



Both images: Candy Schwartz from Boston, USA

De dannan - 1


Frankie Gavin My Father Has Esophageal Cancer S 3

My name is Julian, I am the first son of Frankie Gavin, and I am starting this GoFundMe Page in the interest of helping my father, Frankie. He has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer, as of March 2022.
This year, in January, he started having trouble keeping his food in his stomach. As of February, he started to struggle to eat solid foods consistently. My sister has been visiting with him in Galway, Ireland, and they visited the doctor together. After some testing, it was revealed that he has Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer, and the area in his esophagus is not easy to reach without some challenges in surgery.
I want to send Frankie to the Norfolk And Norwich University Hospital in the UK, for its very high success rates in treating Esophageal Cancer. A Link To A NNUH Page about its success rate in treating patients for Esophageal Cancer :
In these tough times, Frankie has been isolated away from where he thrives : In very social musical environments. The Covid 19 Pandemic is phasing out, but my father has just learned that he is dealing with a potentially life threatening condition that will involve months of Chemotherapy, and the doctors that he has spoken to so far, don't feel certain that they can do the surgical procedures necessary.
While $88,000 is my goal to help him in the long term overcome Esophageal Cancer, and pay for his medical expenses, even just a percentage of that would be very, very helpful for Frankie, to help him survive Esophageal Cancer, and to continue to provide people around the world with uplifting and liberating Irish Traditional Music for many years to come.


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