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Salut! Live's Christmas message, enriched by Amelia Coburn's Perfect Storm

Salut! Live began life in May 2007, one of the offshoots of Salut!, launched the previous year as a sort of privatised version of the blog I contributed to The Daily Telegraph website when that paper's Paris correspondent.

I am delighted to say that 2021 has been the best year so far for this little site devoted to folk and related music. Readership levels generally exceed 200 visits daily, occasionally a little under but much more often significantly higher. The figure was closer to 400 yesterday, for example, boosted by an unexpected wave of people who came here after a belatedly published post at the Kate Rusby** fans' Facebook group.

So Salut! Live - that's me, Colin Randall, and my occasional contributors - most prolifically Bill Taylor - wishes every single one of those readers, however they reached this site, a very merry Christmas and a happy, Covid-free new year.


Christmas tree 2021 - 1

To make it a musical posting, I offer you a small piece of Amelia Coburn***, the young Middlesbrough-born and accented singer-songwriter and linguist whose songs have given me huge pleasure since my recent introduction to them.

I was going to post a clip of her Dublin Serenade, which I love, but should really find a track I have not already included on these pages. So Perfect Storm it is. This has bugger all to do with Christmas but can serve as an embargoed celebration of an eventual departure from the threat or reality of lockdowns.



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Salut Live Froots ad - 1


Bill Taylor

Perfect Storm... perfect choice!

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