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November 2021

Music of North Eastern England: (4) Tom McConville, Barra MacNeils and Ed Pickford's sad Northern Front update

November 2021: while republishing this series - to general approval, judging by much higher than usual visitor numbers - it has occurred to me that the possibility of additional instalment/s I've contemplated and perhaps even mentioned should become a reality.... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (3) High Level Ranters, Unthanks and Ed Pickford

November 2021: the Salut! Live series on Music from North Eastern England ran over seven instalments starting around a year ago. It attracted a lot of interest and is doing so again as I reproduce those article with updates where... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (2) Vin Garbutt, Jez Lowe, Bob Fox and Lindisfarne

November 2021 update: I was pleased with this series on the music of North-eastern England, my home territory, and with the strong response it prompted (a much greater volume of 'hits', for example, than a follow-up exercise looking at sounds... Read more →

Cover Story (34): Blues Run the Game. Jackson C Frank, Bert Jansch or Martin Simpson

November 2021 update: Glad to be able to report that the Salut! Live readership, while still small, is rising. These days, it is rare for the daily hits to dip below 200 and sometimes the numbers soar far higher. I... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (1) Lindisfarne, the Mighty Doonans, Terry Conway and Marie Little

November 2021 update: I was really pleased with this series and could have kept it going for ever. Music from North Eastern England is dear to my heart and soul. I repeat the first instalment now because for the next... Read more →

Words from Christy Moore as the Clock Winds Down to climate change disaster

The thoughts of Christy Moore are invariably worth a look or a listen. Those he has shared with me are no exception. A man I have known for more than half a century will be fully aware of the limited... Read more →