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November 2021

Music of North Eastern England: (4) Tom McConville, Barra MacNeils and Ed Pickford's sad Northern Front update

November 2021: while republishing this series - to general approval, judging by much higher than usual visitor numbers - it has occurred to me that the possibility of additional instalment/s I've contemplated and perhaps even mentioned should become a reality.... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (3) High Level Ranters, Unthanks and Ed Pickford

November 2021: the Salut! Live series on Music from North Eastern England ran over seven instalments starting around a year ago. It attracted a lot of interest and is doing so again as I reproduce those article with updates where... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (2) Vin Garbutt, Jez Lowe, Bob Fox and Lindisfarne

November 2021 update: I was pleased with this series on the music of North-eastern England, my home territory, and with the strong response it prompted (a much greater volume of 'hits', for example, than a follow-up exercise looking at sounds... Read more →

Cover Story (34): Blues Run the Game. Jackson C Frank, Bert Jansch or Martin Simpson

CLICK ANYWHERE ON THIS PARAGRAPH TO EXPLORE THE FULL COVER STORY SERIES - COMPARING DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAME SONGS AND SOMETIMES TUNES November 2021 update: Glad to be able to report that the Salut! Live readership, while still small,... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (1) Lindisfarne, the Mighty Doonans, Terry Conway and Marie Little

November 2021 update: I was really pleased with this series and could have kept it going for ever. Music from North Eastern England is dear to my heart and soul. I repeat the first instalment now because for the next... Read more →

Words from Christy Moore as the Clock Winds Down to climate change disaster

The thoughts of Christy Moore are invariably worth a look or a listen. Those he has shared with me are no exception. A man I have known for more than half a century will be fully aware of the limited... Read more →