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August 2021

Song of the Day: Doonan Family Band ... I'll Tell Me Ma/Route 66

August 2021 update: The Doonan Family Band, the Doonans, the Mighty Doonans. Call them what you will, they've been a brilliant fixture of the folk scene for a long time. I look for pretty much any excuse to showcase them,... Read more →

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. June Tabor ... No Man's Land

August 2021 update: The war to end war. Tell that to the poor bloody squaddies who were sent over and again to fight and die in conflicts long after peace descended in 1918. Watching a recent re-run, on Arte TV... Read more →

Nanci Griffith. A song a day: (4) Little Love Affairs with the Chieftains

"She wrote the soundtrack of my life," said Cyndi Fish Wetmiller, a Nanci Griffith fan from Pennsylvania, at a Facebook page devoted to the Texan singer-songwriter's fabulous body of work. That is a delightful tribute and we shall be hearing... Read more →