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Song of the Day: David Campbell ... Slightly Faded

June 2021 update: This is a song - from the late 1960s at a guess - that I really enjoyed performing in my folk club "floor singer" days. Whether or not the listeners also enjoyed the experience is, perhaps fortunately, not recorded. Ten years on from posting it here, I feel it is ready for another outing. Here is the singer-songwriter himself ... I consider it a good YouTube find
I mentioned this song 

Another of those I used to attempt to sing in my folk club days.

To my surprise, I came across a clip at YouTube, seen by all of 647 souls, posted by David Campbell, the song's writer, a couple of years ago.

He wrote then: "I'm aware of the irony my singing Slightly many years after I wrote it in Britain ... where I once lived...toured...and made records. However...there has been a consistent interest in this song...expressed by some of my friends in the UK to this day.

"This song was recorded by one or two groups in Britain...but for some reason I can't explain...not by myself. Slightly Faded is now available here...for all who kept faith in it...and for others who may belatedly connect with it. It was recorded and edited...just today."

David's words and clip prompted these comments, among others you'll find at YouTube:

* David - I have only just found this - fantastic. I first heard this in the sixties by Jacqui and Bridie - but till now never by yourself. It made a big impression_ on me when I first heard it.The new version is excellent - Thanks John gregsonswell
* It continues to surprise me, the way this song continues to be of interest to some... especially in Britain. I have written hundreds and hundreds of songs since I wrote this one. I think what pertained in a person's life when they heard a song...sometimes seems to be a factor in their attachment to a given song...or a song representing an era in their lives in some way. Who knows? - David.
* Great song. I fell in love with an Irish-named lady on Conway Street, Birkenhead in circa 1972, who played a fantastic hammer guitar version of this song - sternecaugek.

I always thought I had learned the song from a David Campbell record, and it was not Jacqui and Bridie but a male singer whose version inspired me.

I would have liked to read an explanation of the lyrics, which appear to me and others to be narrated by a man who discovers his girlfriend is a prostitute.

Common belief 40 years ago was that it was based on a true story from David's life.

All these years on, the writer's version is markedly different to how I used to sing it, and indeed how Jacqui and Bridie did. But it's his song for heaven's sake ... I was chuffed to bits to locate it.

At YouTube, David describes himself thus: born in Guyana, South America, of Arawak Indian and Portuguese ancestry. Resident of Vancouver, Canada. Song writer/singer/guitarist/poet/picture maker/prose ... writer/blogger/photographer/maker of videos/recording artist[29 albums]/student of life and conscious journeyer. Country: Canada Occupation: Song writer/singer/Guitarist/Poet/Video Maker Interests: Walking/blogging/making walking sticks/story telling. 2 Life Time Achievement Awards...5 Books.


Bill Hewitt

Is it possible to contact David Campbell - I have loved and sung Slightly Faded since I first heard it back in the mid 1960's
I would like to ask his permission to use the tune - a friend of mine has written a poem which fits it perfectly - its a poem about Parkinsons disease which we both have and we are trying to come up with something for the "Raise Parkisons awareness campaign - bit of a long shot and if you can't help drectly you may know somone who may be able to help - thank you

Colin Randall

Bill: let me look into it for you

Bill Hewitt

Hi Colin
Back in July I posted a question about getting into contact with David Campbell about permission to use a tune based on Slightly Faded - I would love to finish this project as the song is quite powerful and aimed at raising Parkinsons awareness - did you get anywhere in following this up please

Thanks in advance


I have had a hectic time but will get back to you within a day or twp, Bill


Bill: try this YouTube link, and leave a msg asking him to contact you

Then there is this site: which ma or may not offer clues

Plus his Wilki page gives an onward link to his website - - if this is the right David, of which I am unsure. there is a contact link so he'd soon tell you if you were on the right track. Good luck

Roland Birchby

Great,great song-I have a (more than slightly faded!) cassette from back in the early 70s by the Lancashire based group,"The Lonesome Travellers".I'd love to obtain a replacement copy( It's on the Traditional Sound Recordings record label TSR004),and there was also an L.P.,but both now to be as scarce as Rocking Horse Droppings!
Roland Birchby

Terry Colluney

This thread may we’ll be closed but - here goes - I once heard
this song Slightly Faded sung by Mike Chapman at a singers night at Bolton Folk Club 1967 whilst he was a photography /graphics at Hilden St Art College
Just said it was a song he heard and was working on. He sang it a kind of bluesy drawl - later by the late Spider Fingers Stew Butterworth who was a buddy of Chapman and gaveMike some decent bouncy licks in a rapid claw hammer style. Both Mike and Stew were somewhat transient for a while joining one of the Deep Purple developments. Mike pops up now and again but prefers the isolation of his farmstead.

Terry Colluney
Folk for the pleasure music brings
Bolton on Toast NW UK


Like the Windmill, Terry, we never close. Though I suppose it eventually did. Thanks for that fascinating addition to what others have said. Difficult not to feel nostalgic about those old folk club times.

Steve atkinson

How can I get my Google hub to play David Campbell’s wonderful Slightly Faded. I keep trying but it keeps trying to give me some rap version.

Colin Randall

Try the clip in the article above . I took it from YouTube and it opens fine for me

Hugh Weldon

Isn't it a wonderful song? I discovered it on a Jacqui and Bridie LP I found in a charity shop and immediately it sounded familiar. I thought there must be lots of covers around - you can imagine Joan Baez doing it - but very very few it seems. It does deserve to be better known. I've been having a go at it this afternoon and it's probably one of the signs of a good folk song that it's quite easy to do.

Colin Randall

Spot on, Hugh. I think it was Jacqui and Bridie I heard it from first, too. I was no great shakes as a floor singer, and even that might be generous, but felt I could do the song modest justice

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