The Big Interview. Jez Lowe: 160(+) covers of his songs, 160 gigs lost to Covid
Crazy Pagan, Jez Lowe's new album: an FA Cup hero, a sex-change folk singer and talking dirty in Geordie

Potted Jez Lowe: on Dylan and Durham Cathedral, Europe and getting older


It's the Jez Lowe mini-series.  Today, another outing for the Salut! Live tradition of posing a set of quick-ask, quick-reply questions as a companion to the main interview.
We heard from Jez at length at this link.
Here, the questions about the North East reflect his origins (mine, too, after a shaky start in Hove). Batter versus scraps may baffle people from other parts of the world - it's just a case of what to call the bits of batter that fall off the fish when frying. In Shildon, Co Durham, they're scraps or were when I was a lad; in Sunderland, they think you're a posh southerner if you don't call them batter.
Fastest responses? The "EU or isolation?" (bravo, Jez, for knowing the right answer) and Dylan questions. Slowest? Favourite spot in the North East (I recall a former Sunderland player, Lorik Cana, a very hard Albanian defensive midfielder, also thinking highly of Jez's choice).
Still to come: a review of Crazy Pagan, Jez's new album ...


Did Billy Elliot serve Easington well  

Not really. The film was made, then nothing for a long while before it came out and. seemed to evaporate.

Fiction or biography


Whitley Bay or Saltburn 

Whitley Bay

Favourite Yorkshire dale

I’d probably say Swaledale, around Richmond

Favourite spot in the North East

Durham Cathedral

How you remember Sunderland 1-0 Leeds 1973

Blimey. The homecoming parade – what a massive impact on me

Brian Clough or Kevin Phillips

Brian Clough

Scraps or batter


Benidorm or Cape Breton

Cape Breton for the music, for everything really. Just magical

Dream holiday destination


Best McGarrigles song

Talk to me of Mendocino

Fairport or Steeleye 


Dylan acoustic, electric or …  

 Any way he chooses 

Best Irish band


Best British folk singer (male)

Benny Graham


Best British folk singer (female)


Sylvia Barnes - Scottish traditional singer who has sung with me on a couple of my albums


Do you have a copy of The Who's album, Who's Next?, the cover for which was shot her your home in Easington?

I do, but on vinyl and haven't listened to it for years

Lockdown or masks off 

Lockdown. For me, a sort of safety net, quite comforting

EU or isolation


Getting older 


Jez  Lowe five years from now

 [laughs]. Still playing, still working


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