Barbara Dickson's cure for lockdown blues: Time is Going Faster reviewed
The Big Interview. Jez Lowe: 160(+) covers of his songs, 160 gigs lost to Covid

Coming soon: The Big Interview with Jez Lowe, unsilenced by the pandemic


UPDATE: The main interview can now be seen at

Few artists, if any, capture the nuances, trials and tribulations of North-eastern life as incisively and thoughtfully as Jez Lowe. He writes about people and events far from that corner of England, too, but what the late, wonderful Vin Garbutt call the Land of Three Rivers is the starting point even if he is dealing with subject matter beyond the Wear, Tyne and Tees.

Now 65, Jez is one of the British folk scene's most enduring and eloquent voices, and not even lockdown can silence him.

His new album Crazy Pagan is another splendid example of his talents and it will be reviewed here soon. He's also hard at work on a third novel.

But first I shall publish a two-part interview following Salut! Live's established practice: longish Q&A by e-mail, then a series of quickfire answers to short and sharp questions posed during a phone conversation. I promise an engrossing read.

Watch this space and in the meantime, here is a brief extract:


Salut! Live: Looking back over a long career, what has given you most pride or satisfaction?


Jez Lowe:

The fact that I have been able to make a decent living out of doing this for so long amazes me, and that it has taken me all over the world is just astounding. To stand on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC and Edmonton Festival in Alberta in front of 30,000 people and sing songs about Easington Colliery is a source of some satisfaction to me.

Please keep popping into these pages over the coming days ....


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