The Big Interview: Barbara Dickson, hating lockdown, rejecting celebrity, loving her music
Barbara Dickson's cure for lockdown blues: Time is Going Faster reviewed

Barbara Dickson briefly: Scottish independence, Marcus & Rishi and a question of pride

Barbara Dickson - CD cover photo - credit Brian Aris
Photo: Brian Aris

UPDATE: My review of Barbara Dickson's new album, Time is Going Faster, appears at
The Big Interview with Barbara Dickson, as I like to call it, appears at this Salut! Live link:

In keeping with the site's tradition of posing a companion quickfire set of questions and answer, here are her thoughts on a range of topics from politics and Scottish independence to reading habits and a yearning for grandchildren (the answer on books is longer because I went back to Barbara for more) ...

Edinburgh or countryside? I like the countryside, but love Edinburgh.


Cinema or Netflix? No contest - cinema.

Fiction or biography? Fiction every time. I used to read lots of biographies but 25 years ago started reading a novel  instead and found myself totally hooked. I haven't read a biography since. Can't remember the lightbulb moment but browse anything from Alexander MacColl Smith to Jo Nesbo, with Donna Tartt in between. Evelyn Waugh is fantastic and I've read a few classics since the paperbacks have been sold at the station.

Dream holiday destination? If I say Mauritius, it's just because I need to to go somewhere warm.

Best Everly Brothers song? Impossible! But probably Sleepless Nights.

Most proud of? My children, three sons. Couldn't be prouder of anything in my life.

Lingering regrets? I am not a lingering regrets sort of person but do wish I'd appeared on Basil Brush when invited in the 1980s but was too snooty to accept.

Getting older? Inevitable. What can you do about it?

Europe or isolation? Europe.

Union or independence? Union. Any kind of nationalism sticks in the craw. I'm an unreconstructed old socialist from the 1960s.

Marcus Rashford or Rishi Sunak? Not going to be very fashionable: Rishi, only because what an awful job!

Barbara Dickson five years from now? Alive ! And with any luck, with three or four grandchildren and fit enough to take them to see the ducks in the Botanic Gardens.




(Via Facebook): What a novel regret! Mine was not getting on the tour bus with Donna Summer! Long story 😅🤣😂. I LOVED Basil Brush 💥 💥


(Via Facebook): Basil Brush could be in charge instead of Rishi,

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