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August 2020

The ultimate Cover Story: (45) Kate Rusby's hand-me-downs

Kate and band on home ground, Barnsley 2018. Image: Jonas Soderstrom I was not sure whether to make this the 45th instalment of Salut! Live's Cover Story series comparing and contrasting different versions of the same pieces of music. I... Read more →

Instruments of pleasure: (4) The Lark by Moving Hearts. Too hard an act for Clannad to follow

Buy the album at Salut! Live's Amazon link: just click here Was it The Storm before a becalmed Clannad? It must have been Dec 1 or 2 1989 at the Hammersmith Apollo. Someone called Ray has written "most boring show... Read more →

Instruments of pleasure: (3) Leo Kottke and All I Have To Do Is Dream

Image: Anthony Pepitone For part three of my little series on folk and folk-related instrumentals, I have chosen a recommendation from a friend that is neither folk nor folk-related ... From about mid-teens, my best friend and occasional protector was... Read more →

Instruments of pleasure: (2) O'Carolan's air, Lady Dillon, by Maire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

. Image: Wikipedia Commons First I offer thanks to those who have suggested, here or on social media, possible inclusions in my new series on folk and folk-related instrumentals. For the second instalment, I turn to the substantial body of... Read more →