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Lockdown sounds: Kate Rusby and kids sing the Bangles' Manic Monday and a Bangle applauds

As Salut! Live's little world knows full well, I adore Kate Rusby, her songwriting and singing and even the "natteriness" as she once described the garrulous ways she'd acquired from life as a Yorkshirewoman.

Interest to declare: I worked for her once - a short biography for her website, much improved since by others.

Out of the loop these days, I relied on my elder daughter Christelle, not a folkie at all but open to different sounds especially when selected by Jo Wiley for BBC Radio 2, for an alert to this enchanting version of the Bangles' hit Manic Monday, a home-made product of lockdown.

Ably supported by husband Damien O'Kane and their two daughters, Kate gives - as she did with Iris DeMent's Our Town - not only vocal beauty but a magical Yorkshire touch to Prince's outstanding song. And to the acclaim of one of the women who made that song such a big hit. Step forward Susanna Hoffs, an original Bangle for the tweet that follows ...

What more needs to be said about such a delightful spectacle born in the uninspiring setting of Covid-19 blues? I came across two dissenting voices while idly trawling through the first few comments at YouTube:


Dom Mccaffry Anoother, munday, joost,soonday, foonday , roonday. Almost like this cover has been chosen with the most words to prove your authentic barnsleyness , and, as such , slightly irritating . Still one of the most beautiful voices in the country though, indisputably.


And, with no parting praise: Crowley Beast Oh my God, this is Awful, no tone on her voice, no tune depressing

But many, many more like this: Rik Rosalski Heck thanks Kate, cleared out my tear ducts! And it's a fun video, guess a lot of sadness with Covid 19 & being a Prince song makes for bitter sweet emotions 😔💕

Christelle, a huge Prince fan, agrees. She called Kate "Kate Bussby" in her What's App but added: "It's lovely." And here it is:



I've come to this gem a little late but I love it. And one of the reasons I love it is the "anoother, munday, joost,soonday, foonday , roonday" northern-ness of Kate's pronunciation. When I first met my Spanish wife-to-be she already spoke excellent English but of course she was taught it with a Southern accent, so "anather, manday, jast etc", I played her a few Kate Rusby songs to prove it wasn't just me talking like that, now she taalks proper like me.

Colin Randall

I did suggest mischievously to Dom Mccaffry that coming next might be Kate trying out a Home Counties accent, which could be more to his taste.

And I also had this lovely message, again via YouTube from Kate's husband and quite outstanding accompanist when I alerted him to the article above ...

'Hi Colin, thats lovely ;-) I like constructive criticism and as a musician you have to learn that not everyone will like what you do, fact!! When people are not constructive and more personal, thats when my heckles go up ;-) Hope you are well, all the best, Damien x'

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