Favourite 10 singers: (1) female - Sandy Denny and Billie Holiday head my list. But yours?
Favourite 10 bands. Usual suspects - Fairport and Steeleye - with Coldplay, Cranberries and Dire Straits varying the mix

Favourite 10 singers. (2) Male - Ray Charles tops my list with room for Dylan and Christy Moore




I promised a top 10 of male singers - just my own preferences - and invite you to list yours.

You may also pop back to https://www.salutlive.com/2020/04/your-favourite-10-singers-1-female-sandy-denny-and-billie-holliday-head-my-list.html and offer your top 10 female vocalists.

My list, either gender, would doubtless change if composed tomorrow or any other day.

Musical tastes are like that. Here and now, late afternoon on Easter Monday, the male singers I rate most highly are:


1 Ray Charles

2 Christy Moore

3 Bob Dylan

4 John Mayall

5 Roy Orbison

6 Luke Kelly

7 Nic Jones

8 Richard Thompson

9 Sonny Terry

10 Paul Brady

* PS, I have seen only six of them live. No prize unless I think of one. But guess which ...


Bill Taylor

In no particular order:
Harry Nilsson
Bruce Springsteen
Ray Davies
David Bowie
Alan Price
Gene Pitney
Roger Daltrey
Shane MacGowan
Tom Petty
Roger McGuinn


I agree with lots of Biils choices. And Neil Young, Bon Iver, Freddie Mercury, Frank Sinatra, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Bocelli

Dave Ashmore

Elton Hayes

Colin Randall

Of Bill's list, I do like Ray Davies, McGuinn, a little Bowie, Alan Price (boyhood Sunderland supporter: I once sat in his front room and interviewed him over a takeaway Chinese meal, and during a Mags game on TV, for a SAFC fanzine) and selectively MacGowan, maybe even Roger "Brexit innit" Daltry. Never heard of Elton Hayes., Dave. Like your choices, Christelle. But I wouldn't change mine so far.

Joe Banks

1) Robert Plant
2) Sam Cooke
3) Ian Gillan

John Marshall

A few more; Rod Stewart ( around the Every Picture time ) , John Fogerty, Steve Harley, Smokey Robinson, Don McLean , and Ray Jackson from Lindisfarne

Ian Evans

Buddy Holly


Jackson C Frank

Bert Jansch

James Taylor

Francis Cabrel

Paul Carrack

Ray Charles

The Everley Brothers

Gordon Lightfoot

Stan Wilson

1. Sinatra
2.Ray Charles
3.Otis Redding
4.Sam Cooke
6. Jackie Wilson
7. Nat King Cole
8.Hank Williams
9.Roy Orbison
10. Van Morrison

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