Covid-19. Songs of endurance (2) Graham and Eileen Pratt: Ned of the Hill
Mary McPartlan RIP: 'her loss is huge'

Cover Story: (44) Bells of Rhymney the Sheffield way


Fair use:

Only rarely do I reopen discussions on the respective merits of different versions of songs featured in the Cover Story series.

This is not such an occasion. It is intended simply to bring to your attention a thoroughly uplifting choral interpretation of Bells of Rhymney, a powerful song from the South Wales coalfield with lyrics by Idris Davies, a miner who became a poet and teacher, adapted by Pete Seeger.

The Sheffield Folk Chorale is the work of Graham Pratt, one half of the duo that brought us such excellent music including Ned of the Hill, featured here yesterday.

The choir is necessarily silent during the coronavirus lockdown. My thanks to Graham - "yes, that's me conducting, with the venue lights bouncing off my bald pate!" - for bringing them back to performing life, albeit via YouTube.

In sad times, it's a tonic.


Chris L

And it’s been wonderful singing it as part of Sheffield Folk Chorale. Those of us who don’t usually sing the tune love chances to hear the chorale performing, as then we can go, “Oh, so that’s what the melody sounds like!”. Not true quite so much with such a well-known song, but it’s still great to hear the four-part harmony in Graham’s lovely arrangement. Here’s to lovely occasions in the past, and the times when we will be able to sing together in person again!

Colin Randall

Thanks, Chris. Stay well

Colin Randall

I should have extended my thanks to the large number of people who, as I look beneath the bonnet, I see coming to this site from Sheffield. I hope you weren't all disappointed by the brevity of the article. I just wanted to share the beauty of your performance.

Michael Walsh

A lovely reminder of a wonderful group of talented singers. Love them

Ian Evans

Good choice Colin.
Even as a Welshman I must say that the Byrds did a passable version.

Kit Bailey

I’m in that choir. It’s a great bunch of people, led by a BRILLIANT choir master and arranger, Graham Pratt.

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