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Covid-19 invades our music world. Please get well John Prine

From John Prine's family comes this horribly unwelcome news. It was relayed to me at Facebook by one of my American electronic friends, Stan Wilson, an occasional reader of Salut! Live's (also occasional) pages.

Stan says simply: "Such bad news. Great singer songwriter."

UPDATE (TUES MARCH 31) from John's wife, Fiona, who has recovered from the virus ...

John's sickness has touched the world of folk and country folk and Joan Baez recorded this message and song in his honour:

Salut! Live salutes the life and work of an artist whose composing qualities once prompted Kris Kristofferson to say he "wrote songs so good that we'll have to break his thumbs".

Let us hope that despite the worrying gravity of his condition, John can recover. Here is a golden nugget from his repertoire ...



Best wishes to John, he's had many health problems over the last 20 years or so, let's hope he can overcome this latest one.
Some of his songs have a lovely humour about them, this one tells of a bloke who has found a way of turning his ears off to his nagging wife. (Complete with false start)

Colin Randall

I was initially encouraged by the update that John is now 'stable' but his wife makes clear in the tweet I reproduce above that stable does not mean 'improving'.

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