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Happy New Year folk music folks

Found at Flickr's Creative Commons. From the work of Paul Vanderwerf

Salut! Live, one of my remaining websites after my decision to withdraw from Salut! Sunderland, wishes all its readers a happy and healthy 2020.

The year behind us has been a shocker. There have been health issues, unsettling though fortunately not major, political issues (it's no secret I am neither a Tory nor a Brexiter) and work issues. And Sunderland AFC languish in midtable in the third tier.

It was also the year in which we lost the excellent fRoots magazine. Its 40th anniversary edition was condemned by insurmountable financial problems to be its last.

But 2019 is over and while things will certainly get worse, not better politically, I look forward to the new year with optimism on other fronts.

Whether that can translate as more regular updating of Salut! Live remains to be seen. One of the key reasons for giving up Salut! Sunderland was the time it took to make it work, frequently encroaching on family life.

Salut! Live is different. Whereas the football site clocked up more than four million visits in its 13 years, this one struggles to get into three figures on any one day.

And my interests in folk, folk-rock and allied musical forms have more to do with the past than with the present. I need to listen to more of what today's folk artists are producing if this is not to remain essentially a nostalgia site.

I'll do my best. We'll see whether that best is enough. For now, Happy New Year ...

Salut live froots 2 - 1
My ad in the final issue of fRoots


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